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Long Weekend

Whether it's a trip to the City by the Bay, the Big Apple or Old Faithful, these getaways are the perfect route to explore new sights or see a new side of a favorite vacation spot. From a Broadway rehearsal studio to a private tour of the Walt Disney Family Museum, Adventures by Disney gives you and your family one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

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Adult Exclusive

Whether you're celebrating that special anniversary, beginning your new life together or just spending time with good friends, our adult-exclusive departures are the ideal way to do it.

Offering all of the benefits of an Adventures by Disney vacation—with an added twist of sophistication—these unique departures include experiences designed specifically for adult travelers, Guests age 18 and over.

Adventures by Disney has a range of spectacular options perfectly suited to you. Choose to explore the mysteries of the rainforest, tour medieval castles or experience a safari in search of lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and cape buffaloes. Whether you decide to participate in an Outback adventure or take a romantic Parisian tour, enjoy everything the world has to offer in these special, unforgettable adventures!

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Cruise Package

Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line® present extraordinary new ways to travel!

Hosted by Adventure Guides, our vacation packages offer VIP experiences and opportunities only Disney can deliver to immerse your family in the culture and history of the places you visit.

Give your cruise the ultimate upgrade with a host of guided excursions and exclusive opportunities that will make your time aboard Disney Cruise Line® a truly special journey. Or take a short getaway before your cruise begin on a Pre-Cruise vacation package.

Take a peek at these destinations to see if your cruise is available as an Adventures by Disney vacation.

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River Cruise

Take a delightful cruise down one of Europe's great rivers to explore world-famous cities and picturesque countryside at every port—and enjoy pure family fun onboard.

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Asia Africa Pacific

From the savannahs of Africa to the Australian outback, the world is full of breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife ready to be discovered.

Discover the beauty and the magic of Southeast Asia through the splendor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Journey through Australia and visit a wildlife sanctuary where you'll meet Tasmanian Devils, stop off to see the scenic metropolis of Sydney and explore the Great Barrier Reef.

Walk the Great Wall, see the renowned Terra Cotta warriors and visit with some rare and adorable pandas as you tour the ancient land of China.

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Explore the great masterworks of Europe as you delve into the historic landmarks, natural wonders and beautiful cultures of the old continent.

From the scenic coastlines of the Mediterranean to the timeless beauty of the German countryside, discover the majesty of Europe with Adventures by Disney.

Choose the region that best suits your desires, whether that's a pristine journey through the magical Bavarian Alps or an adventure into antiquity through England and France. All the wonders of the European continent are waiting to be discovered.

The gorgeous beaches and classical ruins of Greece will leave you speechless as you tour ancient temples, stomp grapes to make wine and paddle the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Experience the splendor of the Old World as only Disney can offer it.

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Central South America

The mysteries of Central and South America are yours to discover as you venture forth in spectacular journeys into the ancient cities and lush rainforests of these vibrant lands.

From the breathtaking ruins of Peru to the rich canopies of the Costa Rican countryside, the wonders of nature and mankind alike will be revealed as you zipline, raft, snorkel and hike your way through these amazing destinations.

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North America

Whether natural or man-made, North America has no shortage of wonders to encounter on these awe-inspiring adventures.

From the mountain ranges of Alberta to the beaches of Southern California, Adventures by Disney lets you experience the breadth of North America's marvels.

Explore the winter wilderness of Wyoming with sleigh rides, soothing spring waters and a tour of Yellowstone's unique natural features.

Enjoy an eye-opening trip to the Grand Canyon and behold the beauty of our national parks by 4x4 ride or rafting down river. There's no better way to see the beauty of the North American countryside than with rollicking activities and non-stop fun!

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