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Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Asia, Africa, & Australia – China

Jeri M.

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The most memorable experience of my Adventures By Disney trip to China, and perhaps the most memorable experience in my life so far, was standing atop the Great Wall of China.
I recall taking a moment to pause from taking photos, trying to imagine the amount of labor and planning and dedication that went into the wall's construction 2,220 years ago. It is crazy to fathom how they managed to build such a magnificent structure without the use of modern machinery and technology. Thanks to Disney Adventures, we got to bypass the crowds and long lines and went straight to a secluded section of the Great Wall just for the Disney Adventurers. They even took it one step further by surprising us with an appearance by two costumed warriors who handed out our Disney pins and happily posed for family photos with us! It was so amazing to take my two daughters to see one of the greatest wonders of the world. Photos in history books just don't do the Great Wall justice and I am so happy they had the opportunity to see it for themselves thanks to Adventures by Disney.
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Central & South America – Peru

Fredrik J.

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My family have been on two Adventure By Disney trips. We went to Washington DC a few years ago and liked the experience so much we came back for Peru.
The Peru trip took place this year (2015). My wife had always wanted to see Machu Picchu, and ABD seemed like the perfect way to do so. Machu Picchu was a highlight, words can't describe, but definitely not the only one. The river rafting was another highlight, and a first for my boys, Christian and Michael. I don't have a picture that doesn't have them smiling (or concentrating really hard on staying in the boat). There were some sites, such as the salt mines and Morey, that we knew were coming but couldn't appreciate until we saw them. We left them with a great sense of awe and appreciation (and a lack of breath from the altitude, whew). It was the unexpected highlights that our family enjoyed the most. Bartering in the marketplace, then taking a picture with a parade group and meeting some of the parade participants. Being entertained by plays and dancing, sometimes in the most unexpected way. Horseback riding and hiking, and just seeing Peru as the natives see it, not just the tourists. Landon and Rudy were phenomenal tour guides, and they saw to it that Peru ranks at the top of all the family vacations we have taken. ABD can expect to see us a third time in the future.
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Europe – Scotland

Renee W.

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What I remember most about our Adventure By Disney trip to Scotland would be the feeling of being closer to a loved one who I lost.
He always loved Scotland and visited when he was alive and for me to then see in person all the wonder he described to me was amazing. It was the greatest gift to feel and hear his words in my head and heart as I walked where he walked and saw what he saw, and cherished every moment. It was like he was walking with me, and to do it with our 13 year old sons was amazing. To show them what their father loved brought them closer to him. Since they were only 13 months old when he was killed on 9/11, this was something I could give to them to keep a real memory in their hearts. It was truly an amazing experience, which we will never forget. Thank you!
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North America – Arizona and Utah

Adrienne F.

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My sister's 3 children, my father, and I - a 70 yr age span - have been on 3 Adventures so far. We chose Disney because the tours had something for… each of us.
I can't think of just one memory that stands out because there are so many. What makes these trips so memorable is that we experience them together. The innumerable stars in the Arizona sky, white water rafting on the Colorado River, our hike up Alyeska, VIP Disneyland access, and the puppies!!! - we experienced so many firsts together. To see the eyes of a 9 year old and those of an 80 year old light up at their first sight of the Grand Canyon was priceless. We talk about our Adventures often, always with a smile on our faces. My dad won't be able to make many more trips with us but we will always have those memories.
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