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NORTH AMERICA | Jackson Hole, Brooks Lake, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks | 7 Days / 6 Nights


Bison graze in a field next to a wooden barn surrounded by mountain peaks 5 teenagers paddle in a whitewater raft down a river People in cowboy hats riding horses in a row along a trail near towering mesas 3 women and 2 men with reels in hand are fly fishing Steam rising from a mudpot with pine trees nearby 2 boys run through a field near snow dusted mountains Large mountains stand high above a tree line on a river bank
Bison graze in a field next to a wooden barn surrounded by mountain peaks
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Marvel at the magnificent wildlife that roams through their natural terrain.
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Head into the great state of Wyoming and bask in the rugged beauty of the West. Explore Yellowstone National Park and other spectacular sites by horseback, whitewater raft and on foot. Feel your spirits soar in this land filled with natural wonders!

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Yellowstone National Park and Brooks Lake

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: Brooks Lake Lodge

A fumarole with a tree-covered mountain near Fountain Paint Pot Trail in Yellowstone National Park

Breakfast in Lodging Dining Hall

Fuel up for the day ahead with a hearty breakfast.

Lower Loop Excursion

Take an excursion on the Lower Loop of Yellowstone National Park and see what captured the imagination of artists and adventurers alike. Discover the park’s most awe-inspiring thermal features and iconic sites including Old Faithful! Explore magical places like Hayden Valley, Artist Point, the Upper and Lower Waterfalls and Lake Yellowstone.

Fountain Paint Pot Trail

Take a privately guided tour of Yellowstone National Park's thermal phenomena on Fountain Paint Pot Trail. Be awestruck by the beauty of blue pools, pink mudpots, mini-geysers and steam vents, which are also known as fumaroles.

Private Lunch at Canyon Village Lounge

This is your chance to gather ‘round and grab some grub before heading off to your afternoon adventures.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Hike

Be awestruck by this spectacular canyon, featuring breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful multi-colored walls created by mineral stains. Hike around this 4,000-foot-wide (1219.2 meters) canyon and marvel at its majesty!

Hayden Valley

Ride through Hayden Valley by motorcoach and know you’re in a wildlife paradise! This is home to elk and grizzly bears and where the largest number of free-roaming bison in the world live. Keep your eyes open—there’s a chance you’ll see some animals grazing on the vast grassy plains that surround you!

Scenic Stop at Lake Yellowstone Hotel

Enjoy the quiet elegance of this historic hotel on the lake shore during a brief stop before continuing on your journey to Brooks Lake Lodge.

Arrive at Brooks Lake Lodge

Settle into this historic lodge and dude ranch, which is an exclusive stay for our Guests and provides an ideal base for the adventures ahead. Enjoy amenities such as a modern spa* inside—while the friendly staff gets you ready to make the most of your outdoor activities in these magnificent surroundings!
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Private Dinner at the Lodge

Enjoy a home-cooked meal and trade stories about today’s adventures with your fellow Adventurers.