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NORTH AMERICA | Anchorage, Talkeenta, Denali National Park, Girdwood | 8 Days / 7 Nights


Mom, dad and daughter view an outdoor exhibit of native Alaskan artwork and totem poles Snow covered mountains near pine trees 3 reindeer grazing A grizzly bear in a forested area A river flows through a valley between two mountains towards glacier-filled water A group of Adventurers pan for gold in a trough with help from a local expert with a long beard and hat Pieces of salmon cook on a grill over a fire A raft filled with people drifts through glacier-filled waters Several helmet-wearing Adventurers ride bicycles along a path through the Alaskan outdoors
Mom, dad and daughter view an outdoor exhibit of native Alaskan artwork and totem poles
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Visit the Alaskan Native Heritage Center, rich in native Alaskan art and culture.
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Discover the beauty and majesty of "The Last Frontier" on this Adventures by Disney Alaska vacation. Alaska is home to Denali—the highest mountain peak in North America—and also boasts over 3 million lakes, volcanic islands and 16,000 square miles (41,439 square km) of glacier ice. Explore some of the most stunning terrains in the world. And take home memories of unforgettable natural splendor!

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Debbie P.

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This past summer my daughter and I traveled to Alaska with Adventures by Disney. My daughter is extremely reserved and is deathly afraid of
standing in front of people or talking with someone she barely knows. However, on this trip she connected with our adventure guide. She jumped to volunteer to hold the Alaskan flag at the closing ceremony. She engaged in conversation with our adventure guide asking her what she could do to become an adventure guide when she is older. My daughter cried so hard when it was time to go home. This is a first. We love Adventures by Disney. It is like going to camp family style, or vacation with education. The trips are worth every penny and Disney takes care of us as always.
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Richard M.

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My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary a little early with an unforgettable trip in Alaska. What amazed me the most was the size of
the flowers, and how over the short time we were in Alaska the weather changed significantly and it became much cooler - in August! We saw (and learned more about) the Alaskan pipeline; met a dogsled racer at his training facility, saw a glacier calf, and caught a glimpse of Denali (when the weather cooperated and cleared).
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Eliot L.

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Here we were-AlaskA, and our very first Disney Adventure. We soared above the mountains on a helicopter, circled back, and than, there in the
pristine snow was the camp. Mind you this was no ordinary camp, but the sled dog camp of championship mushers, training for the Idetarod. We disembarked, and the children were prepared for their dog-sledding adventure. We raced, we flew, we laughed, and we smiled.what a trip! The memories still linger today!
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