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EUROPE | Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Marbella | 9 Days / 8 Nights


A canal winds around Seville's Plaza de España with its circular tiled patio and stately buildings The whimsical spires of Gaudí's Sagrada Família in Barcelona loom above the treetops The Great Mosque of Córdoba at sunset Tourists sit under umbrellas in a café next to the 2,000 year old Roman Aqueduct of Segovia The dramatic Alcazar Castle on a hilltop Costumed male and female flamenco dancers pose in dance positions The Kempinski Hotel Bahia and its pool stand along the coastline Gaudí's gingerbread-style houses in Park Güell The Puente Nuevo bridge spans the gorge between 2 steep cliffs The Plaza de España at twilight Two bicyclists ride their bikes on a boardwalk near a rocky coast
A canal winds around Seville's Plaza de España with its circular tiled patio and stately buildings
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Take a leisurely trip down the scenic canal that winds around Seville's stunning Plaza de España.
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Embrace the passion of this amazing country while exploring Barcelona's Park Güell, Madrid's Royal Palace, Seville's Plaza de España and glorious Costa de Sol.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Jo S.

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"Without question, the best memories of my family's ABD always include our adventure guides extraordinaire! How does Disney find these gems? They
are luggage porters, circus ringleaders, interpreters, comedians, trivia contest hosts, concierges and more. They do it all with smiles on their faces and sincerity in their voices. That first greeting we received was like a cup of hot cocoa on a snowy day. Little did we know how that greeting was just the tip of their kindness iceberg. Our Grande Espana guides were Marc and Armando. To this day, getting the attention (and a shared smile) of my three children is as easy as imitating Marc's Castilian accented, Adventurers! My dream is to show my children as much of the world as my dad's military service afforded me. Convincing them how fun a trip to Spain would be became infinitely easier when our adventure guides walked into our airport terminal and our lives. Marc and Armando had the junior adventurers laughing in no time. Bonds were forged that made separating ten days later a teary scene. As a parent and a teacher I know it is a rare and beautiful quality to help children truly enjoy the wonders of an adventure in a foreign land. Perhaps when Disney interviews guides they are really looking for those special adults whose inner child never quit growing. In this photo, two of the kids are mine, but thank goodness Armando is wearing his ABD polo, because isn't his the smile of a very happy kid, too?"
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Ernesto C.

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As our awesome tour guide (Mark) would greet us at breakfast with his thick Spanish accent: Advenchoorers, ready for a new advenchoo tooday. Mark
was such an amazing guide and made our trip very memorable for a lifetime. Our tour guides (Mark and Elizabeth) from our 2007 Spain trip were awesome and customer satisfaction was their #1 goal for the kids and adults in the tour. My three daughters enjoyed that trip like no other we have ever taken. To recall one best memory is difficult in this trip of so many experiences but the tour of the Cinderella inspired castle (Alcazar de Segovia) was amazing. My daughters and wife were awe-inspired with this history-rich castle which truly seemed to be straight out of a fairy tale. This Adventures by Disney Spain trip has created a desire and sense of cultural exploration in my three daughters that has been truly admirable. My three daughters now beautiful young ladies have travelled significantly nationally and internationally since that Spain Adventure vacation. From our numerous Spanish dining experiences in the famed Segovia restaurant Meson de Candido, a Flamenco Dancing restaurant along a mountainside cave in Granada, to a farewell paella dinner and an after dinner flamenco dancing experience in Sevilla - truly an amazing and lifetime DISNEY ADVENTURE that I have been fortunate to share with my beloved family. Well Done Disney in your first 10 years and keep up the Adventures for the next generation of families.
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Benjamin C.

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In the summer of 2008 when my family went on our Adventures by Disney trip to Spain, I was heading into my junior year of high school. Looking back, I
think even then I knew music would be the journey of my life. As a college music major I have since attended and performed in many concerts and recitals, yet the music of Spain that summer remains among my best memories. I was so enthralled with the way the Spaniards enjoy and appreciate the arts. In each area and culture, music was everywhere. At dinner one night in Seville, we were entertained by beautiful flamenco dancers who astounded me with their castanet skills. I'm one of those people always stopping to enjoy street performers and buskers. I love that musicians take to the sidewalks to entertain passersby. To this day, the only time I have had the pleasure of a street accordion player was at a sidewalk cafe in Madrid. After that adventure, I took my foreign language classes much more seriously. And now with a minor in Spanish under my belt, I'm eagerly anticipating my study abroad semester at Texas Tech's campus in----Seville! Ill keep my eye out for the group of smiling faces following the leader holding high that ABD sign.
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