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EUROPE | Edinburgh, Inverness and The Highlands | 8 Days / 7 Nights


Loch an Eilein Castle sits on an island in Loch an Eilein A little boy tries his hand at archery while a teacher and his father watch Hills line the shores of Loch Ness on a cloudy day A family of 5 with girls in their early teens walks alongside the wall of an ancient Scottish ruin 4 Adventurers paddle 2 canoes past Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness Several Highland “coo” cows stand in a field The majestic Floors Castle sits perched atop a grassy plateau
Loch an Eilein Castle sits on an island in Loch an Eilein
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Discover the majesty of Loch an Eilein Castle nestled among the beauty of Cairngorms National Park.
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Roam the rugged Highlands, boat across Loch Ness and explore ancient castles, all with Scotland's lush landscape providing a magical backdrop to your adventure.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Michelle O.

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The last adventure we just took in 2014 was to Scotland. My favorite memory was on the day we went to the Isle of Skye and to Brothers Point. While
ever one else decided to continue up the mountain. My husband and I decided to stay along the side of the mountain and just take in the view. Our tour guide Hannaka stayed with us and after a while we couldn't hear the rest of the group, just the sheep in the field that we were in. It was breathtaking, just siting there breathing in the sea air and feeling the land. I felt like I finally had come home. Hannaka recognized that this was a magical moment for me and my husband and snapped a picture of the two of us on what we now call our mountain. It is my favorite picture from the trip and it is up in my house along with the mountain itself. So what made that moment so memorable?? Hannaka our tour guide. She could see that we were having the best time on that mountain and she didn't interrupt our quiet time enjoying Scotland and all her beauty. Hannaka recognized a moment that we would want to remember by taking that picture. Hannaka will always hold a special place in our hearts. Every tour guide we have had on all our adventures were excellent, but Hannaka is the jewel in the Disney tour guide crown. Thank you!!
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Emily K.

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We were so blown away by the magic of ABD on our first adventure to Scotland. We hadn't ever travelled with a group before and were worried
that by being escorted around with follow Americans and Canadians we wouldn't have as many opportunities to get to meet some of the local people. While on the gorgeous Isle of Skye, we had the opportunity to bake scones at the Isle of Skye bakery. Not only did my daughter have a blast making a mess with flour while making Mickey-shaped scones, but she made friends with the baker's daughter, who was the same age as her. This is a photo of her baking alongside her new Scottish friend. It was so special for her to be able to make new friends along the way both within our group and with local children.
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Linda N.

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As there are many memories that I could share, there is one in particular that stands out among the rest. My daughter and I recently returned from
Scotland. We had been looking forward to canoeing on Loch Ness. We even took lessons before we left home! As Disney is the only tour allowed to launch boats from Urquhart Castle, we felt very special and lucky to experience this rare opportunity on a beautiful Scottish day. We only ran into a couple of boats and managed to stay dry!! I'll never forget the views that could only be experienced from the water. A memory to last forever.
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Renee W.

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What I remember most about our Adventure By Disney trip to Scotland would be the feeling of being closer to a loved one who I lost. He always
loved Scotland and visited when he was alive and for me to then see in person all the wonder he described to me was amazing. It was the greatest gift to feel and hear his words in my head and heart as I walked where he walked and saw what he saw, and cherished every moment. It was like he was walking with me, and to do it with our 13 year old sons was amazing. To show them what their father loved brought them closer to him. Since they were only 13 months old when he was killed on 9/11 this was something I could give to them to keep a real memory in their hearts. It was truly an amazing experience, which we will never forget. Thank you!
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Marjorie H.

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Tears of joy are in my eyes as I recall a cold and rainy day in the Highlands during our Adventures by Disney trip to Scotland. It was a day my son,
David Shand, and I will remember for our lifetimes, one of the closest times we have ever shared together. As a 52 year old mother of a nine year old son, the day challenged me to be better than I thought I could be, a mother young in spirit, energy and love for my son. While my husband went on a dream golf outing arranged by Disney at Inverness Golf Club, we went on mountain bike and Highland pony rides at Rothiemuchus Estate. I, the prissy one, had not ridden a bike or horse for decades and it poured down rain, torrents. The Disney guides immediately employed enthusiastic and positive attitudes and I reached within myself, determined to follow their lead. So with my son speeding along gleefully on his bike, a guide rode by my side encouragingly. We stopped at a lake for a break and David Shand laughed and hugged me tighter than imaginable. Giddy with our accomplishment and eyes wide with excitement, we began our Pony Ride. Once again, I found the courage to rise to the occasion and chuckled as I took up the rear of the procession. Perseverance, optimism, kindness to one another and laughter were abundant on our Disney adventure. Offered extraordinary life lessons, our trip was complete with what mattered most, love. Thank you Disney, The Estefano Family (Margie, David and David Shand)
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Laura D.

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Canoeing on Loch Ness was another highlight of the Scotland ABD, especially since Disney is the only company that gets to launch its canoes
from Urquhart castle. My son loved that he got to canoe with Hanneke! We might still be the only Scotland trip where one party tipped its canoe.
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