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EUROPE | Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger, Oslo | 8 Days / 7 Nights


A fjord surrounded by shrub covered mountains A family of 4 walks along a path near a stave church in a pastoral valley surrounded by mountains A family of 4 with older children sit on a dock across a fjord from a quaint town Farmhouses and a church on either side of a creek in a pastoral valley surrounded by mountains 4 Norwegian girls dressed in traditional costumes folk dance An Adventure Guide, a family of 4 and a herd of goats walking on a mountain path At night, lit storybook houses reflected in a harbor containing docked boats A mom, her preteen son and daughter walk past a store's sign that reads 'Geiranger,' eating pastries
A fjord surrounded by shrub covered mountains
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Delight in Hotel Union's breathtaking views of Geirangerfjord.
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Experience the beauty and majesty of Norway. Be awestruck by the breathtaking fjords, glacier lakes and snow-capped mountains that serve as glorious backdrops to storybook villages—and inspired the classic Disney movie Frozen! Go fishing, hiking and rafting as you journey across this spectacular country with its warm, welcoming culture on your Adventures by Disney Norway vacation.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Kathryn K.

Legal icon 10 Years of Making Memories Contest Entry

I was selected in the Summer of 2014 along with my family to attend the Frozen Norway adventure! My family and I went on the winners trip and had
one of the most spectacular weeks of our lives! Several months before I entered to win the trip my family and I were taken to Disney world by my aunt and uncle! Disney World was truly magical and unforgettable! My parents, my brother, and myself loved every minute spent there and I assumed that would be our last family trip before I got married. This was not the case! When we were notfied that we won the Norway trip we had no idea what to expect! Arriving to Norway we saw so much beauty in the country, the the locals, and in the people we traveled with! The group that we traveled across Norway with became our life long friends. We saw the majestic fjords together! We pushed each other to climb up the mountains! We laughed with each other about our silly tour guides! And we cried together as we departed. The disney adventure gave me a desire to see the world and experience the people living in it! It opened my eyes to the beauty that is in fact all around me. This past summer I got married to the most incredible man. I recieved gifts and beautiful cards from almost all of the other travelers. Our tour guide, Kira sent me a amazing note and package! My heart was blessed as other travelers came accross the country to attend our wedding! The people of the Norway adventure became our family and that is a beautiful adventure itself
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Karl K.

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We cant pin down a single memory of Norway that stands out since there are too many. The glaciers and fjords surrounding us were absolutely
amazing. Our guide Gjertrud gave us the inside stories about here country, and Kira was more than helpful in answering our questions. The two old stave churches we saw made us think of everyone that has passed through their doorways to pray, get married or just to stare at the architecture and woodworking that was done. The whitewater rafting adventure was so much fun; we never would do that at home. What also impressed us was the fact that there was no graffiti or trash on or around the towns we visited unlike the United States. We could go on and on because we will always have the memories of this fantastic, once in a lifetime adventure that only Disney Adventures provided for us; they did an excellent job and we would recommend (and have already) this particular trip to everyone we know. THANK YOU DISNEY ADVENTURES.
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Katrina P.

Legal icon 10 Years of Making Memories Contest Entry

What made it so memorable? We WON it! We were part of the Norway tour of all winners. What made it life-changing? Kira & Gjertrude were amazing.
All of the winners were friendly and in awe of every second of every minute. We became life long friends in 8 days. We still have a Norway winners Facebook group and even went to a members wedding! Norway was awe inspiring. I still get chills and tear up when I tell people about our tour. Borgund Stave Church, Flam and Stegastein. Jan Olaf our Fjord RIB Boat tour guide, the Iron Maiden concert in Bergen the day we arrived was hysterical to watch. Reindeer meatballs and Troll cars. Climbing to a glacier. Undredal and a cheese making demonstration from a man who didn't know how many centuries his family had lived there. You just can't experience these things at home and you can't experience them to the degree we did without ABD. Our group had a running joke. Nothing could go wrong. Raining? Snap your fingers, yell Mickey and it stopped. Want to see a rainbow? Snap your fingers, yell Mickey and bam its around the next bend. Didn't see any reindeer? Gjertrude and Kira put on reindeer ears! Can't make it to the world famous bakery? No worries, Kira ran and bought them for us! I'm tearing up writing this! Oh, and what fun we had bringing Olaf on the tour too! Sure we won, but this tour was beyond expectations even still. I could have never dreamed up a more perfect experience. Thank You Kira, Gjertrude and ABD for changing my life.
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Marcy F.

Legal icon 10 Years of Making Memories Contest Entry

Norway- 2015 The Ferruggia Family One of my favorite memories on this Adventures By Disney trip is white water rafting. When we were in Norway
the temperature was in the mid 50s which is unusual for this time of year. That didn't stop our group. We arrived in Voss and everyone was looking forward to the white water rafting. It was nippy outside and I didn't know how I was going to do being from Florida. I talked to my guide and she said it cold but your body will adjust and its a once in a life time experience. So I put my wet suite on and went to the river to get ready to white water raft. Well it is so much fun. We paddled thru the rapids, laughing and splashing each other like little kids. The rapids were beyond fun but the scenery was breathtaking. At the end of our amazing trip down the river guess what we all decided to do.....jumping in the 30 degree water. All of us jumped in the water and swam to shore. We actually had a competition on who would stay in the water the longest. The wet suits kept us warm even in the water. Once on shore of course Disney had hot chocolate waiting for us. What a perfect day, perfect memory, amazing experience. Once again Adventures By Disney created magic.
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