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EUROPE | Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice | 8 Days / 7 Nights


A gondolier rows a man along a canal flanked by grand old buildings in Venice, Italy An Adventure Guide looks on as a boy holds up his painted mask for a local artisan to see Vatican City surrounded by the city of Rome and distant mountains Tourists stand in the park surrounding the Colosseum The Roman Pantheon at night Trevi Fountain in Rome St. Peter's Basilica at night The rooftops and cathedral of Orvieto, Italy at dusk The rooftops of Florence, Italy Cherub Fountain at the Palazzo Vecchio Vineyards in Tuscany, Italy
A gondolier rows a man along a canal flanked by grand old buildings in Venice, Italy
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Discover the romance that is Venice.
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Embrace a simpler way of life as you travel through this Old World country steeped in rich traditions and glorious history. Immerse yourself in the timelessness of its remarkable culture—and be astonished by the warmth of its people on this unforgettable trip to Italy.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

David F.

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My wife Stacie and I took our first ABD adventure in 2014 to Italy. There are so many great memories from that trip it is hard to pick just one. For me,
the tour of Rome stands out the most. ABD got us access to parts of the Colosseum that are not accessible to the general public. We were able to enter the catacombs area and see up close and learn how the ancient Romans operated the stage area. We also got tour the top of the Colosseum where we bumped into Prince Harry! We got a private tour of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel...amazing! At both locations, the local guides were great in telling the story of the the Sistine Chapel we learned the history of the famous paintings and some interesting stories behind them. I had a birthday on the trip and the ABD crew made it a special day for me. Probably the best vacation we have ever had!
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Eric S.

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When we were in Rome, Italy, our adventure guides Marco and Cathleen recommended a small restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. The
owner was so enchanted that we had brought our children to Italy that she invited us into the kitchen to watch her mother making a simply pasta dish. Both of our boys know how to and love making this dish. The next night, we visited the Vatican Museum after hours and spent time alone with our group in the Sistine Chapel. We will never forget these nights.
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Kristen S.

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To this day I remember the look of absolute joy in my daughter's face as she tossed the pizza dough in the air on Christmas Day 2009. It was such a
delightful experience on Christmas Day in Florence to have my children learn how to make pizza dough. Then we put our toppings on the pizza, put it in the brick oven and ended up with a great lunch.
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Mary W.

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The Colosseum is one of the top sites in Rome, for both tourists and Italians. We even saw a bride and groom taking photos in front of the Colosseum
one night. Since it is one of the main attractions, I wanted to see it. Luckily, a tour of the Colosseum was part of our Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary. As we got closer to the large structure, the density of people in the area increased. As we walked in, I saw an enormous line. The line was even longer than the line for Toy Story Mania in the summertime. The line was just to get into the main part of the colosseum but it snaked back and forth and around. We followed our adventure guides and were led to a separate area where we were led right in! I had not expected to use a FASTPASS while we were in Italy but that is essentially what our special entry was. I could not have imagined going with my family on our own to see the Colosseum and waiting hours in line. Disney knows how to run things the right way and get guests those special perks!
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Michelle W.

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I remember the reason we chose Adventures by Disney was because we have an only child. He was 10 at the time and we wanted him to enjoy the trip
as much as we did. We definitely made the right choice! There was something for everyone. There were plenty of other children there, and even another only child that we still keep in touch with, (it's been 5 years). We also loved that the kids had their own movie night while the parents attended a wine tasting. It was an adventure of a lifetime and we didn't have to worry about a thing. No waiting in line at the Vatican was really special and not having to lug our bags around was a bonus. We had very knowledgeable guides that made everything fun and kept everything running smoothly. We loved every minute of this trip!
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Nicole K.

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We will never forget the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the The Vatican and especially the Sistine Chapel with only our Adventures By Disney group of
18, plus our 3 wonderful guides. We were able to experience the sheer awe of the Sistine Chapel with a serene quiet that few people ever have the chance to do. The Swiss guard who accompanied us even allowed us to take pictures without flash.
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Sean F.

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As we travelled through the gallery after hours, the quiet was unexpected. The local guide, Christina, stopped intermittently to give us an interesting
tidbit on a piece of art or sculpture or history. Even though I had seen it before and knew it was coming, the Sistine Chapel took my breath away. It is different with 28 people as opposed to 280. Sitting on a bench in near solitude, the brilliance of Michelangelo is awe inspiring. The bible comes alive in that room. Thanks to ABD for making it happen.
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Shawn B.

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This was our once in a lifetime dream vacation. We can't begin to describe all of the things that made this adventure so special. From exclusives like
private tour of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, Roman Coliseum, Statue of David, Gondolas in Venice to the visit to Ovieto and the farm in Tuscany where we made pasta! This was an amazing place and Adventures by Disney Guides and local specialized guides really took it to a level we never expected. While structured there was plenty of on your own time to explore the sites and cities along the way. One of the many memorable moments from our adventure was pasta making on a family farm in Tuscany. My family had a blast and will remember this forever.
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Theresa V.

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We loved Italy and the countryside of Tuscany. I never thought I would hear my 13 year old son say that he was full of pasta! He loved all of the
wonderful food and the culture of Italy. Venice was breathtaking and fun to get around in boats or walking. My son loved that you could feed the pigeons and they would eat out of your hand. That was the coolest part for him and me as I watched him hold out his hands for the birds to land on. The history and architecture of Rome was fantastic and we were very impressed by our guide. I thought he was a college professor who had written many books. A truly grand vacation with wonderful adventure guides and accommodations, activities, entertainment,sights, education and exercise!!
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