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EUROPE | Lake Como, Lucerne, the Alps, Zermatt | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Italy & Switzerland

The Alps loom over a charming town on a lake with a roofed pier The famed, snow dusted Matterhorn and a rock studded lake A handsome 3 storied manor house with a tiered garden up the hillside An aerial cable car rides through a region with snow covered mountains The back of a statue of a man and his dog look out over Lake Como and the surrounding mountains as a boat rides across the water
The Alps loom over a charming town on a lake with a roofed pier
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Take in the serenity of Switzerland's idyllic Lake Lucerne.

Italy & Switzerland

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Thrill to the majestic beauty of the Alps on this magical vacation through Northern Italy and Switzerland! Drive along gorgeous Alpine passes, take a boat cruise on serene Lake Como and be astonished by the Matterhorn's powerful presence. Whether you're zip lining, pasta-making or simply relaxing in one of the luxury hotels, be surrounded by mountains, glaciers, lakes and woods of such awe-inspiring beauty that you can barely believe your eyes!

Italy and Switzerland

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Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern or Hotel Continental Park Luzern*

A woman stands with 3 costumed Swiss alpine horn players and laughs as she takes one of their horns

Breakfast at the Hotel

Fuel up on a hearty breakfast and get ready for a day of thrilling events ahead.

Excursion to Mount Titlis

For a fun-filled day of activities, ride in the rotating Rotair aerial cable car up to Mount Titlis, Central Switzerland's highest peak at 10,000 feet. And enjoy a spectacular view of valleys, mountains, lakes, forest, ice boulders and glaciers along the way. Once you reach the top, delight in these snow experiences—guided by either Adventure Guides or local guides:

  • Glacier Viewing
    Get closer to the crevasses of a glacier on the "Ice Flyer" chairlift.
  • Snow Tubing
    Snow tube down the side of the mountain for a thrilling way to experience the Swiss Alps.
  • Hiking
    Hike up one of the trails to see the mountain and its environs up close, enjoying the amazing views along the way.
  • The Titlis Cliff Walk
    Stroll across Titlis Cliff Walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe at a height of 1,600 feet (487.68 meters) and be awestruck by the astounding views.
  • The Glacier Cave
    Venture into the very heart of Mount Titlis where ice crystals sparkle on turquoise-blue walls of ice in a cave that lies 65.6 feet (20 meters) below the glacier's surface.

Lunch at the Panorama Restaurant

Take a break in your activities to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Panorama Restaurant. At 1.87 miles (3,020 meters) above sea-level, this stylish restaurant offers panoramic views. Enjoy regional specialties along with pizza and pasta—and a variety of delectable desserts.

More Fun at Mount Titlis

Continue your thrilling snow experiences until it's time to travel back down the hill to Engelberg.

Visit a Cheese Factory in Engelberg

Head to a monastery for a tour of Switzerland's only show cheese factory. Watch cheese being made by hand and see how milk is transformed into the famous Engelberger Klosterglocke—a mild cheese pressed into the shape of a monastery bell. Discover other regional cheeses, milk products and souvenirs as well.

Private Farewell Dinner at the Old Swiss House in Lucerne

Be greeted on the deck of this landmark restaurant by 3 Swiss Alpen Horn Players playing traditional Swiss music—and then be served by wait staff wearing traditional Lucerne garb! The Old Swiss House has a half-timbered façade that dates back to 1859 and décor from the 17th century, stained-glass windows from the 16th century and original oil paintings by famous artists. Dine in a private area of this renowned restaurant that boasts a selection of gourmet menu items including the authentic Alpine specialty Wienerschnitzel. Before the night is over, try playing the Swiss Alpen Horn then share some of your unforgettable memories before you bid your fellow Adventurers a fond farewell.

*Accommodations are pending your departure date:

  • Hotel Continental Park Luzern: June 11, 25 and July 16, 2018 departures
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern: July 6 & 26, 2018 and August 16, 2018 departures