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EUROPE | Lake Como, Lucerne, the Alps, Zermatt | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Italy & Switzerland

The Alps loom over a charming town on a lake with a roofed pier The famed, snow dusted Matterhorn and a rock studded lake A handsome 3 storied manor house with a tiered garden up the hillside An aerial cable car rides through a region with snow covered mountains The back of a statue of a man and his dog look out over Lake Como and the surrounding mountains as a boat rides across the water
The Alps loom over a charming town on a lake with a roofed pier
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Take in the serenity of Switzerland's idyllic Lake Lucerne.

Italy & Switzerland

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Thrill to the majestic beauty of the Alps on this magical vacation through Northern Italy and Switzerland! Drive along gorgeous Alpine passes, take a boat cruise on serene Lake Como and be astonished by the Matterhorn's powerful presence. Whether you're zip lining, pasta-making or simply relaxing in one of the luxury hotels, be surrounded by mountains, glaciers, lakes and woods of such awe-inspiring beauty that you can barely believe your eyes!

Italy and Switzerland

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Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Accommodations: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern or Hotel Continental Park Luzern*

An assortment of 8 pieces of chocolate sits on a tray

Breakfast at the Hotel

Wake up to a tasty breakfast before you board a train to Taesch.

Journey to Andermatt

Get off the train in Taesch and enjoy a motor coach ride through the wide, pastoral Urseren Valley, located at the foot of the Gotthard Pass and flanked by the Aare and Gotthard mountain ranges of the Adula Alps.

Lunch in Andermatt

Stop for lunch in the historic town of Andermatt—the largest village in the valley—with its shingled houses and charming streets. Delight in a delicious meal at a traditional Swiss restaurant.

Journey to Lucerne

Head for Lucerne on beautiful Lake Lucerne, driving through the splendid landscape that boasts a gorgeous mountain panorama—lush meadows in the summer and a pure white carpet of snow in the winter.

Transportation Museum and Swiss Chocolate Adventure

Explore this fascinating museum which showcases the development of all forms of transportation and mobility, including by road, rail, water, air and even outer space. You will also enjoy a chocolate adventure where you will learn all about the discovery, origin, production and transportation of chocolate. And, yes, there is a chocolate tasting at the end of the tour!

Check-In at Your Hotel in Lucerne*

Relax as your Adventure Guides check you into your hotel in Lucerne.

Private Guided Walking Tour of Lucerne

Follow a local guide on a walk through this delightful city surrounded by snowcapped mountains and discover its history. Explore Old Town with its 14th-century walls and spired buildings that seem straight out of a storybook. Explore Kapellbrücke (translates to "Chapel Bridge"), the oldest surviving truss bridge in the world, which crosses the Reuss River and connects Old Town to the Saint Peter Chapel—with an interior displaying the paintings that survived a fire created by the 17th-century local artist Hans Heinrich Wägmann.

On Your Own Dinner in Lucerne

Enjoy the evening at Lake Lucerne, dining at one this area's fine restaurants. Ask you Adventure Guides to recommend the restaurant that best fits your family's tastes and needs.

*Accommodations are pending your departure date:

  • Hotel Continental Park Luzern: June 11, 25 and July 16, 2018 departures
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern: July 6 & 26, 2018 and August 16, 2018 departures