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EUROPE | Athens, Delphi, Santorini, Crete | 10 Days / 9 Nights


Bask in the tranquility and blue domes of Santorini The Panathenaic Stadium in Greece, with a marble statue of a god and Olympic rings Visit the Acropolis on the Greek tour The whitewashed, cliffside buildings of the village of Crete overlooking the Aegean Sea
Bask in the tranquility and blue domes of Santorini
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Take in the beauty of the Aegean Sea from atop the cliffs on the island of Santorini.
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Journey into the cradle of Western civilization for an odyssey through some of the most famous historic sites in the world. From ancient fortresses atop stark cliffs overlooking the deep azure of the Aegean Sea to quaint villages with whitewashed houses nestled in the verdant hills, Adventures by Disney will show you the timeless beauty that is Greece.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Cindy M.

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Disney Adventures masters the multi generation travel like no other. Our trip was an over 18 excursion however I saw how easily they incorporate
children into the same itinerary. Lucky for us we were able to stomp grapes at the winery as that was scheduled for youngsters while the adults did the tasting. So with no kiddos on this greek adventure it was incorporated into ours!There were so many special moments in Athens toasting on our rooftop bar with the Acropolis glowing in the distance was a first memory and meeting a group of fellow adventurers who truly added to the fun. Richie and Mikie remain friends, three years later our famous wedding planner has given us advice to make that upcoming event special as well. In Santorini another couple left a bottle of wine outside our daughters Villa and at the dinner the next night our guides celebrated the girls college graduation with a cute card and special pins. We loved sailing the sea on Disney's special chartered sailboat and kayaking in the Aegean Sea. As you can see the memories are so enchanting I can still recall so many moments. Thumbs up Disney well done!
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Terry W.

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After several months, I finally convinced my husband to go on our first Disney Adventure. We went to Greece. I didn't really believe the brochure
because the itinerary sounded too good to be true. I new after the first night that we were now on a trip of a life time. Our guides were warm and friendly and catered to our every need. We met some amazing people and became fast friends. Our 12 year old met kids that seem to be old friends from the minute they met. We ate great food, traveled in the best class, and made good friends along the way. As we traveled along, I did not realize how much Disney can impact your life. First, every thing is done first class, secondly, the approach is that of a one family that comes together and stays together from the first day until the last. I could go on and on about what happened each day, but there isn't enough time or space to do that. What I can say, is we had the best time of our lives...seriously, the best time of our lives. I didn't quite realize it until our last night together when our guides presented us with a slide show of our 9 day adventure. We were all amazed at how much we had done in such a short period but most of all how close we had become. As we were leaving and heading back to reality, I looked around for my son at the Crete airport. I saw him standing with his bags, tears rolling down his face. These were tears of joy and sadness. A wonderful trip, which was now over. We just returned from Australia.
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George B.

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We first started traveling with ABD in 2007 (Italy), when our kids were just shy of 7 and 13 1/2. The older one is our son, David, who has always been a
deep thinker but also painfully shy. We found that the trips with ABD allowed both kids to pal around with others their own age (in the back of the bus, where parents were by youthful and wild acclamation were barred). We loved this because we didn't have to worry about making sure the kids were engaged, interested, happy--and the trips in turn allowed us to just relax. But Greece! Like our other adventures with Disney, we absolutely loved the itinerary, the attention to detail--and most of all, the storytelling. This trip was in the summer of 2012, with Ashley nearly 12 and David now 18 1/2, and still painfully shy. Since he was now an adult, he hung around more with us and less in the back of the bus--but we saw in him a new interest in the world around him. He participated in the family fun run in the Olympic Stadium in Athens--and almost out of the starting gate fell to the ground! But rather than being mortified, he picked himself up, joked about it and posed for pictures, pretending to reenact his fall. At the farewell dinner in Crete on a beautiful summer night, David surprised us all by wanting to speak to the whole group. He got up, hugged our two guides, and spoke from the heart about what a great time he had with everyone. I gasped, got misty and sat there very proud of my son.
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Cindy W.

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Packing for our Greek adventure, my wife and I wondered how our four-year-old Nick, would handle his first trip outside of the United States.
Forty-eight hours later and we couldn't get him to settle down. He was dancing and singing--in Greek!-- with his newfound adventurers and friendly locals. Our family has since been on five ABDs, but that night was probably the most memorable. It all started with a walk up the winding roads and back alleys of Athens. We had journeyed this way earlier in the day on our own and were pleasantly surprised that our Disney tour was also game for traveling off the beaten path. Here we ran into all sorts of locals and nightlife. The people of Greece were very welcoming and seemed genuinely glad we were enjoying their culture. Up the path we went to our restaurant where we checked our inhibitions at the door, loosened our collars, and enjoyed Greek salads, lamb, bread, and some red wine. Opa! became our new favorite phrase. As the night wore on we were able to get to know our fellow adventurers, all very interesting and well-traveled people. I felt like we were with old friends. The dinner ended with Greek dancing and that's when Nick seemed to find a new calling. He was shaking and dancing as if blessed by Apollo. When the party was over we continued dancing into the night, through the shops and down the winding streets, and back to our hotel room, happy that we were on a magical adventure...and it was just getting started.
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Donna K.

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We are a same sex couple that celebrated our 25th anniversary on the very first Greece trip ABD did. The trip was amazing. Each hotel had a Happy
Anniversary card with either a fruit or cheese platter in the room when we arrived. The restaurant we were scheduled to eat in at the resort on Crete was the most romantic place we have ever eaten. There are so many fond memories of that trip it is hard to select a single moment. Making goat cheese with the Shepard, running races in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, riding donkeys on Santorini, and making friends with the other travelers. We have traveled with some of them since and will again in the future. The acceptance of everyone on the trip made this an extra special celebration of our anniversary.
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Marcy F.

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Greece 2014 The Ferruggia Family This is one of our favorite trips we ever took with ABD. Everything was top notch. I am trying to write something
special about each trip each day since we have been on 8 ABD. Our most memorable memory in Greece was wine tasting in Santorini and stomping the grapes to make wine. Oh how much fun did our group have doing this. The space isn't that big but that didn't stop this group from wanting to all be together for the experience. First the kids went. They were singing, dancing, and posing for pictures as they stomped the grapes. We all pretended like we were Greeks and were dancing in that manner. With our hands up in the air, twirling around and around, clapping our hands, yelling out Ola. Ola we sang as we danced around in the grapes. This was such an amazing experience to do and again Disney magic made it happen.
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Michael H.

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In May 2015, my wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage by going to Greece. What a fun time. I loved the history, the food, and the special pins
given by the tour guides. The accommodations were top-notched. One special treat was cruising the caldron on the beautiful 60 ft private chartered boat. Hiking along the volcanic island and seeing the craters and rocks in Santorini was unforgettable. The views from the top were breathtaking, so how do my wife and I choose to pose? Naturally, we choose a jumping shot, because it's always important to stay young at heart!
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Jennifer F.

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2015 was a memorable year of firsts! First, my husband, Michael completed his first marathon, the Disney one, of course, in Orlando, in January. Then
in March, I completed my first half-marathon in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. In May, we celebrated our 20 year anniversary with our first Adventures by Disney trip. We went to Greece, and could not believe we were able to run a lap at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, and stood where so many champions had stood before us. Our guides took us here early, the first stop of the day, as they knew it would get busy later. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was an unforgettable moment to contemplate the word marathon- literally and figuratively as it applied to our marriage, and journey through life. Thank you Adventure by Disney for giving us such great memories! We look forward to traveling with you again.
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