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EUROPE | Munich, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Bamberg, Berlin | 9 Days / 8 Nights


The Old Town Hall in Bamberg with the Regnitz River flowing under its bridge An idyllic castle in the mountains A town with cobblestone streets and storybook style stores A costumed Night Watchman blows a horn A pile of graffiti stencils, including one that reads
The Old Town Hall in Bamberg with the Regnitz River flowing under its bridge
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Explore the charming town of Bamberg as you discover the rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Travel through a country that celebrates its rich history while embracing a modern flare on this vacation where you'll walk the cobblestone streets of Rothenburg, a storybook town that is home to the medieval "Red Fortress," as well as Berlin's contemporary architectural marvels. You'll be immersed in the proud culture and traditions through activities where you'll make signature chocolates, create street art and you're your own twist to pretzel making. Plus, you'll step back into history with reflective tours of World War II locations that shaped world history.

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Bamberg to Berlin

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodations: Regent Berlin

The Old Town Hall in Bamberg with the Regnitz River flowing under its bridge

Breakfast at the Hotel

Enjoy a tasty breakfast and get ready for a day of discovery and make-believe!

Transfer to Berlin with a Stop in Bamberg

Set off by motor coach to begin your journey to the capital city of Berlin. On the way, stop in Bamberg to take in the sites and have a nice lunch.

On Your Own in Bamberg

Discover the history and charm of this northern Bavarian town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find a new favorite restaurant or café as you enjoy lunch on your own, or ask your Adventure Guides to recommend something for your family.

Train Journey to Berlin

Climb aboard the train that will take you on a scenic journey from Bamberg to the wonderful city of Berlin, a city that was once divided, and is now renowned for both its history as well as its modernity, which is evident in the stunning architecture and vibrant art scene that is all around. Today, the capital is home to respected universities, museums, entertainment venues and its love of sports.

Dinner in Berlin

Enjoy a hearty dinner with your fellow Adventurers in the centrally located Mitte borough of the capital city, which is a short distance to your hotel.