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EUROPE | Paris, Normandy | 7 Days / 6 Nights


The medieval monastery of Mont Saint-Michel at dusk A man taps a barrel of Calvados The Louvre Museum along the scenic Seine River The Eiffel Tower is surrounded by clouds as a little boy runs ahead of his parents in a park
The medieval monastery of Mont Saint-Michel at dusk
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Explore the stunning medieval monastery of Mont Saint-Michel.
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Revel in genuine joie de vivre on your vacation to France, with Adventures by Disney enabling your carefree enjoyment of this remarkable country. Tour magnificent locations that served as backdrops to history and also inspired great artistic and literary masterpieces, culinary excellence and romance!

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Cherie S.

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France Summer of 2015. My grandfather was amongst the many soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. He lived through
that day, which is a miracle, but passed away five years ago. He spoke often about his time in France as a young man and how that day shaped him. Seventy-one years later my daughter and I stood on Omaha Beach with Adventures by Disney and it took my breath away. Our tour guide that day was a young girl when the American soldiers came to save Europe - and a lovely older woman now - she and I hugged and cried together. Our Adventure guides provided beautiful engraved jars for us to gather sand to take home. My daughter has it in her room now and she treasures it. Our visit to the American Cemetery included a special ceremony usually performed for families of fallen heros and there wasn't a dry eye in the group. A memory I will hold in my heart for fever. This Fall my daughter began to study WWII in school and her perspective is so much richer because of our trip - it is so much more PERSONAL. The France trip is spectacular with the stunning sights of Paris and the luxury of Versaille, but the day in Normandy on Omaha Beach and at the American Cemetery was priceless.
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Theresa M.

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We (my 3 sons, my brother, his 2 daughters and I) went on The Adventures by Disney Esprit de France trip during the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
Although we loved Versailles, Monet's House and Gardens, Deauville, and Paris, being in Normandy during the 75th Anniversary was the highlight and my special memory of this trip. It was really interesting to hear personal accounts from people on our trip of relatives who took part in the Omaha Beach Invasion and it really brought such a human quality to the location. I would say that it really bonded our group from the oldest to youngest when they shared their personal stories, which was very special. I think my boys especially realized that at there ages (17 and 18) that that could have been them. What I really want to get to though is why I'm writing. We all just finished our tour at the American Cemetery and were pretty tired and reflective getting back on the bus. It was very quiet pulling away with a respectful sadness hanging in the air. All of the sudden our tour guide (Emily B) started singing the National Anthem all alone, completely unprompted. We all sat in total silence, including the small children, just quietly listening and feeling united with everyone. As the bus pulled away, watching the tombstones, the rain fall on the windows, and the flags flapping in the wind, it gave everybody goosebumps. That truly was a magical moment, and one I am sure everybody on the trip will never forget.
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Mary W.

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I had been looking forward to visiting Les Vergers de Ducy orchard during our France Adventures by Disney trip for quite some time.  However,
I started to become a little worried about where we were heading as the roads became more narrow and our coach bus was barely squeezing by other vehicles on the roads.   We made it to the orchard though and disembarked the bus.  I am from the Northeast part of the US so we have our fill of apple orchards in the area.  However, they do not produce the wide variety of products that this orchard does and I had only gone to them for apple picking field trips.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and hearing about the long process apples go through to be turned into different drinks.  But, the best part was sampling everything afterwards.  I cant say I have a taste for hard cider yet but it was fun trying the different products.  The apple crumble dish they gave us was scrumptious. Now whenever I am drinking apple cider, I think of the time I was at a French orchard and wish I could travel back there in that instant.
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Allen W.

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Bonjour! France was our third Adventures By Disney tour and like Ireland and Italy before, it exceeded expectations. No small feat given how high the
bar was set from our prior ABD trips. The stunning sites in Versailles, Normandy, and Paris and the incredible cuisine are hard to forget, however the memory that is most vivid of our time in France was the entire tour bus rocking back and forth and singing Les Champs-Elyses (music and lyrics by Joe Dassin) as we drove up this historic street. Our energetic and wonderful tour guides, Emily and Mohammad, had been preparing us for this event ahead of time by handing us printouts of the lyrics and having us perform some test runs. When the bus turned onto the Champs-Elyses and the music started to play through the bus speakers, we all started belting away, along with moving in and out of the aisle to get a great view up the avenue. It is these not so little gestures that truly set ABD apart. The tour guides fill the time on bus rides and do many other fabulous things that make the trip about more than just the beautiful sites to see. I have that song downloaded on my iPhone as I suspect everyone on the tour does as well. It is also part of my running playlist to get through those tough miles and bring back such great memories.
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