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EUROPE | Germany, Austria, Hungary | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Danube River Cruise: Holiday

A Christmas market in Vienna is decorated in holiday lights, including a large arc with festive balls of light hanging down and framing a large building with a lighted sign that reads: Picturesque Salzburg with snow covering the streets, buildings and surrounding mountains

A Chef sprinkles flour as he teaches 3 children how to make strudel The Budapest Parliament building at sunset, with reflections of its lights on the Danube River 3 men and 2 women look at delicate ornaments at a Christmas Market 2 families happily stroll down a path by a fountain near historic buildings The <i>AmaViola</i> ship cruises down the Danube River near shores housing beautiful, quaint towns Tented roofs of shops surround a Christmas tree outside a hotel at a Christmas Market 2 German women and a man dance a folkdance wearing traditional embroidered costumes
A Christmas market in Vienna is decorated in holiday lights, including a large arc with festive balls of light hanging down and framing a large building with a lighted sign that reads: "Frohe Weihnachten"
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Celebrate the splendor of the Christmas season in Vienna.

Danube River Cruise: Holiday

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Adventures by Disney® is proud to announce our newest way to vacation in style for the holidays. Enjoy family river cruising along the Danube River through the heart of Europe to 7 unforgettable destinations in 3 countries. These 8-day/7-night vacations are Adventures by Disney-exclusive sailings with AmaWaterways—a leader in luxury river cruising.

Danube River Cruise: Holiday

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Melk, Austria

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: AmaViola or AmaLea

The quaint city of Melk with a steepled church and roofs lightly dusted with snow

The Melk Benedictine Abbey

Explore the gorgeous Melk Benedictine Abbey on a privately guided tour. Founded in 1089, this abbey reinvigorated the monastic life of Austria and Southern Germany.

Danube Cultural Activities

Get a taste of the local flavors with a fish activity, marmalade-making, wine and juice tasting. Also, take a traditional Austrian dance lesson and learn more about the Danube River, which lies beneath the abbey.

Lunch Onboard the Ship with Daytime Sailing on Wachau Valley

Eat a delicious lunch aboard the ship and take in the sights as you cruise down the river through Wachau Valley with accompanying historical commentary.


Tour of Dürnstein and Hike to the Burgruine Dürnstein Castle Join local expert for a guided tour of Dürnstein including the famous ruins of the castle Burgruine Dürnstein. Rich and full of history, this tour takes you through one the most popular tourist sites in the region and gives you incredible views from the castle of the river, vineyards and villages. (Weather dependent.)
Historic ruins atop a mountaintop
Walking Tour of Krems An experienced local expert will share the history of Krems, while Guests indulge in the delicacies of the region. Together, families will enjoy local food specialties. In addition, adults will sample wine, apricot brandy and liqueurs from a private Wachau distillery.
The historic streets of Krems

Enjoy Activities and Dinner Onboard the Ship

Rejoin your fellow Adventurers for pretzel-making and board games. Adults can enjoy the wine tasting from the Wachau region.

Savor dinner offering a taste of the regional cuisine. Afterward, children can enjoy a movie on the ship, and teens will be treated to karaoke in the ship's lounge.


On Your Own Time in Krems – and the Krems Christmas Market Explore this pretty city on the Danube River, dotted with churches and museums. Enjoy traditional eateries that give you a taste of the regional cuisine and wonderful wine bars, which also feature delicious beer. If you want to shop, you'll find an array of wonderful stores at Buhl Center. And check out the Krems Christmas Market to discover wonderful gifts for your friends and family.
Junior Adventurer Movie Night Children can enjoy a movie on the ship that highlights the destination while the Adventure Guides keep things fun. Teens will be treated to karaoke in the ship's lounge.