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CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA | Quito, Otavalo Valley, Galápagos Islands and Guayaquil | 9 Days / 8 Nights

Ecuador and Galápagos Islands

A man wearing a traditional Ecuadorian cape and brimmed hat walks through the jungle A boy holding a small camera squats on the shoreline to take a close-up picture of a marine iguana A frigate bird in a tree inflates his red throat
An iguana, a lizard and a crab rest on a lava rock surface Two islands in the Galápagos, a rock formation on one and a boat coasting by the other A woman stands on the deck of a ship, looking out at one of the Galapagos Islands at sunset
A man wearing a traditional Ecuadorian cape and brimmed hat walks through the jungle
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Discover the rich culture of the Ecuadorian people.

Ecuador and Galápagos Islands

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Journey to Ecuador, an untouched corner of the world where you'll explore Amazon rainforests, ancient cities, the mysterious Galápagos Archipelago and more.

Ecuador and Galápagos Islands

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Otavalo Valley, Ecuador

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: Puertolago Country Inn

A female Ecuadorian dancer in traditional costume twirls in front of a male dancer

Welcome Breakfast at the Hotel

Meet your fellow Adventurers and Adventure Guides at an exclusive breakfast at the hotel. Say Buenos días! as you get ready for a day of excitement.

Quitsato Equator Sundial

On a privately guided tour, visit this giant sundial with a diameter of 177.64 ft. (54 m.). Placed precisely on the equator, it tells time by the shadows its gnomon casts. A local expert introduces you to the monument, its history and that of Quito, the city standing at the "Center of the World."

Rose Plantation Tour

Visit this fragrant plantation that grows colorful roses in greenhouses that stretch for many miles. With the perfect climate and humidity for growing roses—and with fertile soil in the highlands region—Ecuador now counts on roses as a major export.

Lunch at a Hacienda

Savor a traditional lunch in a delightful local restaurant 17th-century Hacienda.

Flute-Making and Music Demonstration

Make a wooden Andean flute with the help of a famous musical family—and take it home with you! Then enjoy a musical demonstration. Learn about the variety of pan flutes and other instruments that create the joyful music of Ecuador.

Exclusive Weaving Demonstration

Discover the art behind the woven handicrafts of Ecuador, world-famous for their bold colors and dazzling craftsmanship. Learn from expert artisans how diverse dyes are created and other age-old secrets of weaving.

Welcome Greeting at the Puertolago Country Inn

Be greeted by the inn's friendly staff. Learn about the fascinating history of the Andean Highlands as your Adventure Guides check you into this family-owned inn overlooking the Imbabura Volcano on the shore of San Pablo Lake.

On Your Own Time at the Puertolago Country Inn

Explore the beautiful gardens in this lakeside setting, surrounded by the striking landscape of Imbabura Volcano.

Folk Dance Show

Thrill to traditional Ecuadorian dancers in their brilliantly hued costumes as they entertain you with vibrant dancing—and then draw you into the joyous swirl!

Welcome Dinner at the Inn

Welcome to the charming restaurant at the Puertolago Country Inn. Spend time with your fellow Adventurers as you dine on a meal featuring Ecuador's robust cuisine!

Exclusive Disney Movie Night

Junior Adventurers can enjoy a Disney movie with snacks and soft drinks. Grown-ups are welcome to join in the fun. If you prefer, visit the games room or read a book by the fire.