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CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA | San José, Caño Negro, Arenal Volcano National Park and Guanacaste | 7 Days / 6 Nights

Costa Rica

Adventurers rafting on the Sarapiquí River Mist surrounds the crater of the Arenal volcano Women dance in traditional Costa Rican costumes A butterfly rests on human hands A perfectly still monkey holds onto a vine in the rainforest A young woman is all smiles as she zip lines through the rain forest
Adventurers rafting on the Sarapiquí River
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Tackle the Sarapiquí River with a whitewater rafting excursion

Costa Rica

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Unveil the mysteries of nature at its most beautiful. Explore the scenic wonderland of this Central American paradise—boasting a verdant rainforest, breathtaking coastlines, rugged mountains, numerous waterways, active volcanoes and exotic wildlife.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Kristen M.

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My kids chose the Costa Rica trip for the zip line, but when it was time to do it, my younger daughter, 10 at the time, had some second thoughts. She
went ahead of me with a guide since she wasn't heavy enough to go on her own. By the time I went, she and her guide had already moved onto the next line, but my fellow Adventures were able to tell me she had a huge grin on her face!
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Kevin P.

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White water rafting down the Tenorio River was an awesome experience! You don't realize just how much fun you had until you get home and see
the pictures. That's when you realize just how hard your raft guide had to work to ensure that you were loving every minute. Adventures by Disney hires not only the best Adventure Guides, but they ensure that their local guides are amazing also. Thank you, ABD, for helping make memories every moment.
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Karen F.

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Girls trip! Eating fresh picked pineapple on the side of the plantation road and zip lining through the treetops with my best friend, Tara, were
highlights of the trip, but it was the late night conversations we had with new friends under a starry skies that stand out to me. Four months after the trip Tara was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is currently fighting for her life. I treasure every moment of that trip, knowing that it may be our last one together. ABD reminded two adults that we are never too old for new adventures and that quality time together make memories that will last a lifetime. I'm grateful for such an unforgettable experience.
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Carolyn W.

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My daughter was thirteen years old: cute, optimistic, shy, and with such a great future ahead of her. And there she was: dangling on a string over
a hundred foot drop into the river rapids below. I thought I would break down crying, have a heart attack, or both. But the Disney guide was right there, placing a hand on my shoulder and helping me to rationalize my fears. Just like the guide assured me, one of the zip-lining workers swooped in and pushed her across to the opposite side to safety. Looking back, I still will not claim that I enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, or the opportunity to look across hundreds of acres of rainforest as I soared in from above yet I will admit that it was an experience. And I never would have even dreamed of going on a zip-lining tour over Costa Rica if I did not completely trust Disney. I felt confident putting my life into Disney's hand and am so glad I took the chance. I certainly did not overcome my fear of heights, but I am so thankful for this experience, as is the rest of my family. My kids still gush about how great it was to fly over Costa Rica!
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