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CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA | Tortuguero National Park, Guanacaste, Arenal Volcano National Park, San José |
7 Days / 6 Nights

Costa Rica

Adventurers rafting on the Tenorio River A lone sea turtle stands at the shore's edge Mist surrounds the crater of the Arenal volcano Women dance in traditional Costa Rican costumes A butterfly rests on human hands A couple examines a pineapple at a plantation A perfectly still monkey holds onto a vine in the rainforest
Adventurers rafting on the Tenorio River
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Tackle the Tenorio River with a whitewater rafting excursion.

Costa Rica

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Unveil the mysteries of nature at its most beautiful. Explore the scenic wonderland of this Central American paradise—boasting a verdant rainforest, breathtaking coastlines, rugged mountains, numerous waterways, active volcanoes and exotic wildlife.

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Tortuguero National Park

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: Laguna Lodge

A lone sea turtle stands at the shore's edge

Breakfast Buffet

Meet your fellow Adventurers over a delicious breakfast.

Welcome and Orientation

Your Adventure Guides greet you and discuss your vacation's exciting itinerary.

Flight to Tortuguero

Board a private charter for an exclusive flight to Tortuguero ("Land of the Turtles").

Tortuguero National Park

Tour by boat and see some of the 11 different habitats that compose this dazzling, 46,815-acre natural park, which includes 20 miles (32.2 kilometers) of coastline where endangered green sea turtles nest each year, along with other sea turtles. Over 400 species of mammals, bird, amphibians and reptiles inhabit this wildlife sanctuary. A local expert privately guides you through the wetlands, rainforests, swamps, lagoons and beaches that are woven together to create a vibrant tropical tapestry.

Visit to Sea Turtle Conservancy

Once you land in Tortuguero, take a short boat ride to the Sea Turtle Conservancy Center. Learn about the important conservation program begun by renowned naturalist Dr. Archie Carr, who worked to protect endangered sea turtles.

Walk to Tortuguero Village

If you want to go by foot, take a delightful 10-minute walk to this special village that is flanked by a Caribbean beach and rivers that lead to a tropical jungle.

Laguna Lodge

Relax and let your Adventure Guides check you into the rustic Laguna Lodge, adjacent to a leafy rainforest and surrounded by exotic plants. Located on a 15-acre strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Tortuguero Canal, this eco-tourism retreat provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life—without television or air conditioning but complete with amenities including daily maid service, a swimming pool, gift shop, restaurant and Wi-Fi, available only in the common areas. The most wonderful amenity is the tropical paradise just outside your door.

Lunch at Laguna Lodge

Enjoy a delicious lunch in a private area specially designated for Adventures by Disney Guests.

Explore Tortuguero Village

Discover the rich Caribbean culture that infuses this gem of a village—and learn about the extraordinary history of this ecologically diverse area. With no cars, you'll experience small town life, Costa Rica-style!

On Your Own at Laguna Lodge

Enjoy the swimming pools, walk along the beach or engage in a fun-filled soccer game with your family and fellow Adventurers. Or if you want to do nothing but soak up the beauty of this tropical environment, you've found the right spot!

Welcome Dinner

After you spend the afternoon exploring your surroundings, celebrate your arrival in Tortuguero with a festive hotel welcome feast arranged especially for Adventures by Disney Guests.

Nighttime Turtle Viewing

Guests can opt to take a nighttime walk on the beach with a local expert to search for nesting sea turtles, including green sea turtles as well as giant leatherback, hawksbill and loggerhead turtles*.

*Nighttime turtle-viewing walk is available during the green sea turtles nesting season (July through September). Animal sightings are not guaranteed.