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ASIA, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA | Cape Town, Knysna, Kapama Game Reserve | 10 Days / 9 Nights

South Africa

A zebra stands amid the grass and trees of the African savanna A lion walks ahead of a jeep filled with tourists A baby elephant looks around as a parade of elephants marches down a path A coastline with white sand beach, hills and windswept trees

A penguin walks down a white sand beach, looking out at the ocean 2 giraffes stand in the savanna
A zebra stands amid the grass and trees of the African savanna
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Find yourself face-to-face with the local inhabitants of the African savanna.

South Africa

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Prepare for the thrill of seeing wild animals in their natural environment and be stunned by their majesty. Explore Cape Town, ride to the top of awe-inspiring Table Mountain and travel to the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of the continent. Whatever site you're visiting on this incredible adventure, delight in seeing diverse plant and animal life and spectacular scenery!

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Desiree P.

An incredible adventure with Disney. The amazing opportunities, the bonds of friendship, the guides and of course the food! The memories of this
adventure to celebrate our daughter graduating from high school and turning 18. Priceless. Thank you Disney.
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Coleen B.

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I went on the South Africa Adventure and the whole thing was like a dream come true. Everyday seemed more amazing than the one before. I have so
many great memories from that adventure but the one that sticks out the most was when a local expert came to do an archery presentation. I am left handed so growing up there were always things that no one was able to teach me because they just didn't know how to do it left handed. Sports were one of things that were really hard to learn unless I lucked out and a coach happened to be a lefty. Archery is something I always wanted to try but was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it because I was left handed. During the archery presentation the local expert said, I am going to pick someone from the group and I guarantee they will hit the bulls-eye in less than 3 shots. When he chose me out of everyone I figured he would have to pick someone else after I said I was left handed but he didn't. I stood up there in front of everyone listened to what the expert told me and I couldn't believe that in just 1 try I hit the bulls-eye! I was totally shocked! I had the biggest smile on face the rest of that day. Even after seeing things like penguins, lions, and elephants up close it was hitting that bulls-eye that really made my whole adventure truly magical! I loved the archery so much I chose Scotland for my next Adventure since I knew it would have archery too! Ok so that wasn't the only reason I chose Scotland but it helped.
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Burton B.

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Our first full day on the Adventures By Disney trip in South Africa started with a massive breakfast buffet at our Cape Town hotel followed by the first
family meeting with our fellow adventurers and guides. From there we headed to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, and then we crossed town for a private tour of District Six Apartheid Museum with a local historian. Lunch was at a small Cape Malay restaurant with spectacular views of Table Mountain. After lunch, we went to the top of Table Mountain which, I suppose, had spectacular views of the restaurant (along with everything else in and around Cape Town). Next up was a walking tour of downtown where we visited a small market to collect a few souvenirs. We freshened up back at the hotel, and then we were off to a trendy restaurant for drumming lessons and a bazillion-course culinary tour of African cuisines. We returned to the hotel to settle in for the night - or so we thought. The weather was so nice that we decided to take a quick jog along the waterfront jogging trail around the hotel. My wife and I asked our kids for their thoughts about the trip so far. They loved everything, and so did we, but one of our sons reminded us, this is only the first day!
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Heather D.

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The excitement of being able to feed an elephant. We were waiting for the elephants to be lead up to the platform and you could hear a the quiet
excitement of the group. My mom hadn't planned on doing this activity but she did and it has been a memory to stick with us ever since to not only be able to feed an elephant but to be able to do this as a family in Africa was surreal. On the way back to the restaurant an elephant stuck its trunk into our vehicle to check us out. This was another amazing moment for us. I am a teacher and my students love hearing the stories from my trips with Adventures by Disney especially to Africa. They enjoyed viewing moments of our trip in a book that I created. They can't believe the things that we were able to see and do so the memories are passed on every year to a new group of children that I hope will grow up and not be afraid to be able to experience the world in new ways. Thank you for the family memories to keep sharing.
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Rebecca L.

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The main reason my husband and I decided to visit South Africa was to go on safari and see lions. We thought we'd be fortunate to see 1 lion.
Adventures by Disney and Kapama Game Reserve completely blew our expectations out of the water when we saw lions every single day we were there. On our second day at Kapama, we drove right up to a small pride. The lion cubs were so adorable and the lionesses were riveting. But the highlight was definitely the male lion, king of his pride. He passed right under our vehicle anad rested near us. Being so close to these magnificent creatures was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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Terri V.

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We were blessed to go on the Adventures By Disney South Africa trip over Christmas 2015. It was Christmas Day and we were about to set out on a
safari early in the morning in Kruger National Park on the Kapama Game Reserve. I was on this amazing trip with my husband, two children, sister, her husband and their three children. We had seen so many incredible animals and wildlife. This included, a pride of female lions, a few male lions, a cheetah, rhinos, and hippos, just to name a few highlights. However, up until that point, we had yet to see a large group of elephants. Then, my 11 year old son stated, the only thing left I really want to see on this Christmas is a herd of elephants to make this day perfect. And, literally, as if they were on cue, a group of 30 elephants surrounded our safari vehicle. We saw a baby elephant nursing on its mother and a large elephant take down a tree in its way. We saw giant elephants and adolescent ones. We were surrounded and our vehicle could not move. It was the most amazing and powerful experience I have ever had and having the chance to share that sight with my family on Christmas Day will be something we all will cherish forever. There was no Christmas gift I could ever give to my children and myself that will ever surpass that moment. The picture I uploaded was taken with my iPhone of my son at the moment when we we surrounded. His pure and genuine excitement over the thrill of that moment will be in my heart forever.
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Danielle L.

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How to I pick just ONE memory? Our family has been on two unforgettable adventures with Adventures by Disney. First, to Australia and then South
Africa. I guess I will go with a memory from our South Africa Trip. You all Say Disney is like a Family And Family we have made from being a part of your Adventures. While in Africa, our youngest Daughter turned 12. After spending what was an amazing day visiting two Oceans that become one, everyone was exhausted and had a night off on their own. We mentioned we would be going to celebrate our girls 12th birthday that night at dinner and when we arrived at the restaurant the ENTRIE group of fellow adventures surprised us. They were there to help us celebrate our girl. It was a moment I will never forget. What an amazing group of people. To this day, three years later, we are still super close with five of those families and have all seen each other several times since. We have becomefamily! Thank you Adventures by Disney's for making dreams come true.
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Priscilla C.

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We had an amazing trip to South Africa. I will never forget the look of amazement on my boys' faces when they saw the elephant herd come
through the trees and trample everything in their path to get to the river. It was amazing to watch the giraffes grab the leaves off the trees and gracefully eat. But what was the most incredible site was the lion cubs feasting and celebrating after their hunt. We came across the lions eating the giraffe and truly understood the circle of life. We had to pinch ourselves each morning and afternoon as we headed out for another perfect safari ride.
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