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ASIA, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA | Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin,Chengdu, Shanghai | 12 Days / 11 Nights


A performer in costume and mask breathes fire during a performance The Great Wall of China winds through a lush mountainside A giant panda in a pile of bamboo Ancient terracotta sculptures of warriors, standing in formation Fishermen ride on bamboo rafts along the Li River against the backdrop of spectacular scenery Enchanted Storybook Castle at Shanghai Disneyland
A performer in costume and mask breathes fire during a performance
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Thrill to the dramatic grandeur of a Sichuan Opera performance featuring the classic Chinese art of face changing!
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Unlock the mysteries of China! Marvel at extraordinary sites that showcase its traditions, natural wonders and events including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. Discover how China has maintained its cultural identity for thousands of years while becoming a force in the modern world. And delight in Hong Kong Disneyland® Resort and the new Shanghai Disneyland® at Shanghai Disney Resort!

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Lai Y.

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Coming to America was my parents' dream. Growing up in America has been my fortune. And as a parent, I wanted to share our Chinese heritage with
my children. Adventures by Disney allowed us to experience the highlights of China. Being that these sites are scattered in such a vast geographic array, it was a definite logistic challenge. One of our most impressive memories is our one day in Xian. We were to fly in early that morning and leave in the evening to our next destination. Seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors has alway been a dream for me. Unfortunately, after getting to the airport, we were informed that our flight was cancelled. It would have been heart breaking, but Jeanne called the Mouse and in about half an hour, we were informed that we magically got seats on the next flight. If not for the Magic of Disney, I doubt we would have been able to pick up without missing a beat. The rest of the trip was of course a hit. In the end, I felt that this trip was not only important for my kids, but was a pilgrimage for me. I felt that at last, I had seen the country that my parents had left for us. Of course, I know that Disney had shown us the most wonderful aspects, and as always, I am astounded by what I learn from these trips. These adventures provide the means for which priceless memories are made with my family. Thank you.
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Shari L.

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Our visit to China in 2014 was a gift to our family. It was our first trip to China since the adoption of our daughter from China in 2001. Our guides,
Christian and Steven, had such enthusiasm, knowledge of the history of China and the sites we visited, and just a love for their job that shown through. The beauty of China came to life for our daughter. The Itinerary allowed us to see the diverse landscape, food, people, history, and culture that exists throughout China. My daughter left with such a strong appreciation and pride for her culture, it was a parents' dream.
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Debbie R.

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The Great Wall of China. Just thinking about one of the Great Wonders of the World still gives me goose bumps. On the third day of our Enchanted
China trip, we woke up to rain pattering against the hotel window. All of our fellow adventurers and guides climbed into the bus determined to enjoy the day, regardless of the weather. But the further we drove away from downtown Beijing, the brighter the skies became. By the time we reached the village at the bottom of the mountain, the sun was shining and the Great Wall was winking in the distance. The sheer size of the wall stretching from one corner of the horizon to the other was breathtaking. We climbed the hill to the cable car loading area, and we were all breathing a little faster and our hearts were pumping just a little harder inside our chests. We were really riding to the top and would be honored to stand on the Great Wall's stone floor. It did not disappoint. We walked from one watch tower to another and saw openings in the wall likely used for pouring hot oil down on potential attackers. The Great Wall climbed mountain peaks and meandered along uneven countryside for miles in either direction. The bright sun shone down on us and blessed us with perfect viewing weather on this most memorable day.
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Lindsey M.

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Come along little dumplings our guide Christian would often shout to us while taking us from one fascinating destination to the next. Christian and
Stephen, (our other guide on the Enchanted China Adventure), made the absolute perfect duo, taking our family's Disney Adventure to the next level. Christian was always full of energy, injecting the room and everyone he was around with laughter. Stephen, a resident of Beijing, was the perfect sidekick for Christian, making sure everyone understood the history and meaning behind the destinations we visited. My younger sister Haley said she learned more about Chinese History from Stephen in one day than an entire year spent at school! In just a few days our family had made lifelong friends with these two, and still stay in touch with Christian and Stephen to this day. Our family travels often, always making our own travel itinerates, so putting our entire vacation in someone else's hands made us a little apprehensive at first. Christian and Stephen never let us down, and gave us much more of an authentic and unique experience in China than we ever could have imagined. Thank you Disney Adventures!
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Chitra T.

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Standing on the Great Wall with our ten year old daughter, and watching the awe in her face as she peered over its edge, we realized that Adventures
by Disney was the right choice for our family. After a long trek on the Wall, she took off her Boston Red Sox hat and cheerfully exclaimed that this had been the greatest day of her life. Hearing from our adventure guides of the toils of building the wall and standing right where so much history had taken place, she said that it was like walking through the pages of a history textbook. That was our second trip with Disney, and now, four more trips and ten years later, our eighteen year old still talks about her experience on the Great Wall of China, and her exhaustion from the heat afterwards.
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Jeri M.

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The most memorable experience of my Adventures By Disney trip to China, and perhaps the most memorable experience in my life so far, was
standing atop the Great Wall of China. I recall taking a moment to pause from taking photos, trying to imagine the amount of labor and planning and dedication that went into the walls construction 2,220 years ago. It is crazy to fathom how they managed to build such a magnificent structure without the use of modern machinery and technology. Thanks to Disney Adventures, we got to bypass the crowds and long lines and went straight to a secluded section of the Great Wall just for the Disney Adventurers. They even took it one step further by surprising us with an appearance by two costumed warriors who handed out our Disney pins and happily posed for family photos with us! It was so amazing to take my two daughters to see one of the greatest wonders of the world. Photos in history books just dont do the Great Wall justice and I am so happy they had the opportunity to see it for themselves thanks to Adventures by Disney.
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Karen T.

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Our family trip to China was fabulous, and Disney sprinkled each day with magic. We loved our fabulous guides, including the local guides for each
area. The excursion to the Great Wall was a great family memory. During a prior summer our daughter was in the play Mulan in a local community production. She danced and sang the songs from the play as we walked along the wall. As we reached the guard station, we would look out for the Hun! What a surprise when some arrived - thanks to Disney. What a great trip and terrific memory. Karen T.
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Amy P.

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As I was growing up, I listened to many of my father's wonderful stories about China. Those stories made vivid impression on my mind that
someday I'll get to see China for myself, and it became a reality in 2014. My father said if he was 20 years younger, he would come on the trip with us. So I promised myself I'll experience China for my Dad by walking on the cobble stones of The Great Wall, seeing the grandeur of the Forbidden City, balancing the weight of Cormorants on my shoulder, and tasting the spiciness of Dan Dan Mein. As part of his Chinese American Jewish heritages, it was important to share China experience with our son, Michael, before he leaves home for the next chapter of his life. It was also great to share my Chinese heritage with my husband and my sister-in-law who are of Jewish Polish-Russian descent. But it was most gratifying to validate what my deceased mother-in-law had mentioned many times how the Chinese people helped Jewish people during WWII when we visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. Two people, two cultures coming together in time of needs. Yes, indeed, it's a small world after all.
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Cheryl V.

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While in Bejing, China with Adventures By Disney we were incredibly privileged to visit two private homes in the hutong (small neighborhoods
within the big city). One woman taught us to tie Chinese knots, another showed us how to cut intricate designs out of paper. Both of them were so friendly and hospitable, even serving us refreshments as they welcomed us into their very small middle class homes. We sat there almost in disbelief, feeling so honored to have this special experience. It is a memory we will always cherish, especially since we know it is an experience most tourists do not get to enjoy. An Adventures By Disney exclusive!
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Carolee M.

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Our trip to China was with our daughter, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. It wasn't on my husband's bucket list but he agreed after
our grandson said how great it would be to go there together. Our first dinner together the kids taught me how to use chopsticks and we giggled through the whole meal since not much food was making it to my mouth. Our walk on the Great Wall was a celebration of our daughter's birthday. Disney provided warriors to deliver a birthday card and special pin. At the Chinese Opera, the grandkids were made up and dressed as performers. My daughter didn't even recognize her daughter. When we saw the acrobatic show one of the couples on ribbons did a catch with his foot. The next morning we were talking about the show and I asked if they thought their grandfather could catch me on his foot! We laughed so hard all through breakfast. The moments of each day were so special that there isn't enough room to tell it all. Disney makes it memorable, and there hasn't been a day go by since our return home that we don't talk about the trip to others. Each city was awesome and different , but the most important thing was that my husband and I spent two weeks with our family experiencing it together.
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