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ASIA, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA | Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Luang Prabang, Angkor Wat | 12 Days / 11 Nights

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

A boy holds his mother's hand with his father following as they explore an ancient temple Sculptures with heroic male faces A couple sips wine while being piloted along a river in a gondola A family sits on the ground giving alms to monks dressed in traditional robes Learn to farm on the Vietnam tour Hoi An is one stop on the Vietnam tour
A boy holds his mother's hand with his father following as they explore an ancient temple
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Explore the temples of Angkor Wat, overflowing with history, art and architectural wonders.

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

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Discover the beauty and magic of Southeast Asia through the splendor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Filled with history and tradition, these countries offer their own natural beauty, artistic elegance and philosophies of living that permeate everything from their martial arts and religious practices to their delicious regional cuisine.

Guest Stories

Discover what Guests have to say about the Adventures by Disney vacations they've experienced—in their own words.

Rebecca S.

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When we looked at the itinerary for the Disney Southeast Asia trip, we expected that our least favorite of the destinations would be Laos and our
least favorite day would be that spent largely learning about the production of rice on a traditional rice farm. We were completely wrong. When in Laos and that day came, we started out at sunrise offering small handfuls of sticky rice to the numerous brightly-dressed monks who, in a dignified, appreciative way and with regal bearing, paraded before us in the streets of Luang Prabang. It was very moving to participate in, not just watch, this ancient ritual. After a hike up Mount Phousi (the Holy Mountain), we then headed to the rice farm. Before we knew it, we were knee deep in mud plowing rice fields behind our new friend, Susan the Water Buffalo. With great difficulty, we learned to steer Susan, encountered the occasional warm spot in the thick ooze, and tried not to think what caused that. After trying our hand at the back-breaking job of planting rice sprouts in the mud, we enjoyed using the many old-school tools necessary to reap a harvest. We wielded sicles! Our kids thought this was the best day of the trip, and it is their favorite Southeast Asia memory, despite the fact that this farm visit involved lots of hard work. Who knew they liked to work?
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Thomas N.

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Before joining Adventures By Disney for their Southeast Asia trip, I knew little about Vietnam, its history, or its people. On the first full day of the trip, we
took a boat ride on the Mekong River that gave us the you're not in Wisconsin anymore experience that we were hoping for. We visited a floating village, our daughter made some local rice-based candy, my wife and I bought a great piece of art from a local artist, and we all saw what I think was real life in Vietnam. In the attached photo, some locals let us watch them fish and were happy to show us their catch afterwards. That day was unique, enjoyable, comfortable, educational, and offered something different for every age group. I think it exemplified why we love Adventures By Disney.
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Abby W.

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Rice: a simple four letter word for a grain that is far from easy to create. My family and I had the opportunity to go through this whole process from
start to finish on a rice farm in Laos. The first step: ploughing, involved the large yet friendly beast, a water buffalo that pulled us across part of the field. Next, we planted some seedlings into the muddy water. I still cringe when I remember the little crab I felt skittering across my bare foot. Harvesting and thrashing were some of my favorite parts. My dad used the sheath to cut down the rice stocks. I then helped to beat the stocks for the rice grain to become separated. I was especially impressed by the machinery used to husk the rice. Yet the best part of the day, was the final step: eating the rice. Our tour was given wonderful rice-filled treats, including rice cakes, rice crackers, and coconut rice milk. Not only was this a wonderful and fun experience, it also made me realize how difficult it is to produce food, like rice. The lesson I learned made me feel very thankful to have food easily available to me in the grocery store. I will never forget how fortunate I am to not only have enough food, but having the experience of traveling to East Asia and seeing how some of it is made. Disney trips are magical. You get to spend time with your family having amazing adventures, you learn from your experiences, and you end up thankful for everything you have.
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