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ASIA, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA | Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Luang Prabang, Angkor Wat | 12 Days / 11 Nights

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

A boy holds his mother's hand with his father following as they explore an ancient temple Sculptures with heroic male faces A couple sips wine while being piloted along a river in a gondola A family sits on the ground giving alms to monks dressed in traditional robes Learn to farm on the Vietnam tour Hoi An is one stop on the Vietnam tour
A boy holds his mother's hand with his father following as they explore an ancient temple
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Explore the temples of Angkor Wat, overflowing with history, art and architectural wonders.

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

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Discover the beauty and magic of Southeast Asia through the splendor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Filled with history and tradition, these countries offer their own natural beauty, artistic elegance and philosophies of living that permeate everything from their martial arts and religious practices to their delicious regional cuisine.

2019 Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

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Hoi An, Vietnam

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodations: Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An

A boy blows on his hot soup to cool it as his father eats from a bowl with chopsticks

Breakfast at the Hotel

Enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel and get ready for a day of discovery ahead.

War Remnants Museum Tour

Visit the War Remnants Museum and discover artifacts from the American phase of the Vietnam War, including period military equipment, "tiger cages" and photographs. As the museum can be graphic in its depiction of war violence, Adventurers may instead opt to visit only the museum courtyard and check out the vintage military equipment.

Cú Chi Tunnels

Take a motor coach to the extraordinary Cú Chi tunnels, which were used by the Viet Cong as their base of operations during the Vietnam War. Learn how this network of incredibly narrow tunnels served as living quarters, hideouts and guerilla strongholds as well as supply routes. Junior Adventurers will especially like exploring the intriguing crawl spaces.

Lunch En Route to the Saigon Airport

Enjoy a boxed lunch as you take in the scenery of the beautiful Vietnamese countryside on your way to the Saigon Airport.

Fly to Da Nang

Board a plane to Da Nang, located along Vietnam's Central Coast. Once you arrive, your Adventure Guides will escort you to your hotel.

Check-In at the Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An

As your Adventure Guides check you in, explore this lavish hotel set on the idyllic coastline of Cua Dai Beach.

Adult Dinner at the Hotel

Dine at your leisure in the main dining room of the Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An and share stories of your adventure with fellow Adventurers.