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ASIA, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA | Sydney, Ayers Rock, Tasmania, Great Barrier Reef | 12 Days / 11 Nights


Sydney Harbour at night A man bearing native Aboriginal markings helps two young girls paint a boomerang A mom, dad and daughter run through the surf at the beach A couple bike rides near a bridge A group kayaks off the coast Port Arthur historical castle in the middle of a park A giant turtle and fish swim above a bed of coral A group of surfers ride the waves
Sydney Harbour at night
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The Opera House and beyond: discover stunning, sophisticated Sydney.
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Take a hop "down under" on our Australia tour that gives you a first-hand look into this fascinating country where you'll experience the elegance of modern life as well as the traditions of the past. From the Sydney Opera House to Ayers Rock, the Australian vacation package offers the best of both worlds.


  • Great Barrier Reef

    View the dazzling array of sea life by snorkeling among the coral forests and shimmering fish of the world's largest tropical reef. A marine biologist is on hand to answer your questions.

  • Aboriginal Cultural Park

    Participate in Aboriginal traditions as Tjapukai tribe members share their culture with song and dance. Listen to a didgeridoo and learn how to throw a boomerang and a spear.

  • Ayers Rock (Uluru)

    Head off to Australia's famed outback for a privately guided hike around the base of sacred Ayers Rock, also known by its Aboriginal name, Uluru.

  • Explore Scenic Sydney

    While in Sydney, pedal around scintillating Sydney Harbor on a privately guided bike tour, visit the stunning Sydney Opera House, and get a private surfing lesson at the famous Bondi Beach.

  • Tasmania Discovery

    Soar over eucalyptus trees on zip lines. Paddle a sea kayak on the brilliant waters of Coles Bay and enjoy visiting the Tasmanian Devils and other intriguing animals at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Flight Information

  • Arrive: CNS (Cairns)
  • Return: HBA (Hobart)
  • 3 Internal Flights Included


  • 11 Breakfasts
  • 8 Lunches
  • 7 Dinners


  • Minimum Age: 4
  • Suggested Age: 7+