Begin your Disney Frozen themed adventure in the storybook village of Bergen, Norway. Take a trip to Flåm, the heart of Norwegian fjord country, in rural Norway. Tour Borgund Stave Church – the architectural inspiration for Disney's Frozen - in Norway's countryside. Take a hike to a viewpoint overlooking the Olso harbour in Norway. Go on an excursion of the Briksdal Glacier and go river rafting in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Embark on an acquatic adventure exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site fjord called Naeroyfjord. Go on a guided tour from Westeras Farm to the stunning Geirangerfjord in Norway on Disney's Frozen adventure. Explore the Geirangerfjord area—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—and view the majestic Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geirangerfjord, Norway. Stay at the Hotel Union and see the magnificent views across the Geirangerfjord, in the mountains of Geiranger, Norway. Walk along the Bryggen waterfront, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to view the beauty of the Norwegian warf in Bergen, Norway.
Begin your Disney Frozen themed adventure in the storybook village of Bergen, Norway.
EUROPE | Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger and Oslo | 8 Days / 7 Nights


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Itinerary: Day 1
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 1
Arrive in Bergen
Velkommen til Norge! Exit customs, collect your luggage and prepare to begin the adventure of a lifetime that you and your family will never forget. Once you leave the baggage area, you will head to the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Bergen via local transportation.

Check in at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Your Adventure Guides welcome you to the lovely Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. This lovely hotel sits in the heart of the historic Bryggen area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that exemplifies Old World charm.

Welcome Reception and Dinner
Join your fellow Adventurers for a private reception and dinner in a historic room overlooking the Bryggen waterfront. Feel the excitement build as your Adventure Guides set the stage for the adventures—inspired by the comedic-adventure film, Frozen—that await you and your family.
Accommodations: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
|Meal(s) included: Dinner
Itinerary: Day 2
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 2
Breakfast at Hotel, then Depart for Voss
Fuel up with a hearty breakfast at the hotel before departing for the adventure center of Voss.

River Rafting in Voss
Experience true serenity as you and your family glide along one of the area's rivers that offer stunning vistas of the region's mountains (Class I-II with an occasional Class III depending on water levels). Relax and enjoy one of the most popular activities in Voss, also known as the adventure capital of Norway.

Riverside Lunch
Enjoy a post-rafting lunch at the Voss Rafting Center's grass-roofed cabin, where you'll satisfy your appetite and prepare for your ride to Flam.

Barbecue Dinner at Fretheim Hotel
After settling into your rooms with dramatic fjords views, enjoy a mouth-watering mixed-grill at the historic Fretheim Hotel, once a local farm estate, now a graceful hotel with charming accommodations and newly renovated in vibrant colors inspired by the national costumes of Norway.
Accommodations: Fretheim Hotel
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Itinerary: Day 3
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 3
Fjord Safari on RIB Boat
Embark on an aquatic odyssey that will take you and your family on part boat adventure and part cultural exploration—via RIB boat (Rigid Inflatable Boat)—into the nooks and crannies of the fjord. Discover villages along the way where you'll experience Norwegian culture and enjoy the tales of local storytellers. And be sure to keep an eye out for trolls!

Undredal Stave Church
Visit the smallest Stave church in the world where you will enjoy a private visit with a local expert who will play host to you and your family at this mid-12th-century, 40-seat church.

Lunch at a Local Café
Regale in tales of trolls and Norwegian legends from a local storyteller as you enjoy lunch at a quaint café. Plus, you'll get a lesson in cheese-making traditions and methods followed by a tasting of some regional favorites!

Continuation of Fjord Safari on RIB Boat
Hop back on your RIB Boat and continue your journey along the scenic fjord amid the stunning surroundings. Keep your eyes peeled…while sightings are rare, you may see a seal or a dolphin frolicking in the calm waters of this famed UNESCO World Heritage site fjord called Naeroyfjord. Your local expert will also point out an ancient Viking burial site.

Dinner On Your Own in Flåm
Have a nice meal with family or new-found friends as you discuss your day's adventures over local flavors. Be sure to get some dining recommendations from your Adventure Guides. They always know the best places to grab a bite.

Cultural Walk (Optional)
Meet behind the hotel and head out on foot for a nighttime walking tour of local Flåm culture.
Accommodations: Fretheim Hotel
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast and Lunch
Itinerary: Day 4
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 4
Depart Hotel
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before departing for your next destination: the famed Borgund Stave Church.

Arrive in Laerdal/Borgund Stave Church
With its characteristic triple nave in the Sogn-style, this stave church is remarkably well-preserved since its construction around 1250 A.D. The Borgund Stave Church may look familiar, as these stave churches provided architectural inspiration to the filmmakers of Frozen.

Lunch at Hotel Mundal
Dine at this picturesque hotel nestled between fjords and glaciers, providing an unparalleled view that has attracted guests since it opened in 1891. Enjoy homemade meals just like "Sunday dinners at Grandma's house" at tables topped with white tablecloths and fresh flowers—a centuries-old Hotel Mundal tradition.

Depart for Geiranger
Enjoy the gorgeous landscapes dotted with pastoral farmland as you travel to Geiranger, home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The Geirangerfjord area—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—is a popular destination and home to the majestic Seven Sisters Waterfall which overlooks Geirangerfjord.

Junior Adventurer Dinner in Museum Room
Settle into your room and then bring your appetite to one of two dining experiences. Junior Adventurers will dine in a private setting in the hotel's "car garage," a museum which showcases an impressive collection of car-related treasures and whimsical memorabilia. Plus, they will enjoy a troll-making activity and karaoke sing-along.

Adult Dinner at Hotel Restaurant
While sharing stories from their day's adventures, our adult Adventurers will savor a sampling of local flavors in the hotel's main dining room.

Disney Movie Private Screening
Wind down your day with a private screening of a Disney movie before settling in for a good night's sleep to energize yourself for a fun, adventure-filled day tomorrow.
Accommodations: Hotel Union
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Itinerary: Day 5
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 5
Rainbow Trout Fishing or Rowboating
Spend some relaxing time on Lake Loen either fishing for Rainbow Trout or just rowing across the serene, crystal-clear waters for a lazy morning amongst some of the most gorgeous panoramas in the world.

Lunch at Kjenndalstova
Journey into the peaceful Kjenndal Valley where you'll enjoy a meal of traditional Norwegian food at this family-owned café. Choose from a menu that includes local fare like fresh trout or a gourmet burger.

Briksdal Glacier Visit
Catch a ride up this renowned glacier part way by "Trollcar" and the last mile by foot. Along the way, you will be surrounded by cascading waterfalls and high mountain peaks, with Briksdal Glacier just up ahead. You'll also enjoy a private Glacier Safari with some rafting on the lake in Jostedalsbreen National Park, home to this world-famous glacier. After your adventure, you'll take a scenic ferry tour back to Geiranger that includes a stunning photo op with Seven Sisters waterfall as the backdrop.

Dinner On Your Own in Geiranger
Dine on delicious home-made food at a cozy café or enjoy a more sophisticated dining experience at the hotel. Be sure to get a dining recommendation from your Adventure Guides.
Accommodations: Hotel Union
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast and Lunch
Itinerary: Day 6
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 6
Hike or Transfer to Westeras Farm
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before setting out on a refreshing hike for a memorable visit to Westeras Farm.

Walk to Fjord Viewpoint
With a local farmer as your guide, walk from Westeras Farm to the stunning viewpoint of Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for magnificent views of this famed fjord.

Lunch at Westeras Farm
Satisfy your appetite with some wonderful home-style cooking featuring local ingredients and flavors.

Farm Activities
Create magical memories as you and your fellow Adventurers get a hands-on experience in the daily rituals of life on this quaint farm. You'll also hear family stories of the farming culture, as well as get to spend some quality time with the farm's animals that include goats and llamas.

Optional Hike
Take to the trails as you embark on a scenic hike from the farm up to the glorious Storseterfossen Waterfall for a magnificent view of this natural wonder.

Afternoon On Your Own in Geiranger
Spend some time at the Geiranger Fjord Center to get some insight to the people and culture of the Geiranger region, or take to the water for some kayaking.* Or relax and enjoy the services at the hotel such as indulging in a spa treatment* or curl up with a book by the pool.

Barbecue Dinner in Private Cabin at Hotel Union
Sit down for a Norwegian-style barbecue dinner in the hotel's grass-roofed, traditional cabin. Adventurers can watch as the chefs prepare their delicious, mouth-watering meal in this unique location.

Junior Adventurer Pancake-Making Dessert
Top off a remarkable culinary experience with a traditional favorite for dessert: svele or pancakes! Prepared by our very own Junior Adventurers, this will be a perfect ending for a very special meal, providing fun memories for the whole family.

*These activities are available at an additional cost.
Accommodations: Hotel Union
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Itinerary: Day 7
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 7
Geiranger to Otta via Motor Coach, then Otta to Oslo via Train
Travel by motor coach from Geiranger to Otta. Then set off from the pastoral beauty of Otta aboard a train that will take you to the vibrant and sophisticated Norwegian capitol of Oslo.

Lunch at Train's Café
Enjoy lunch aboard the train while traveling through the scenic Norwegian countryside on your way to Oslo.

Farewell Dinner & Folksinging/Dancing at Grand Hotel Oslo
Celebrate the culmination of an amazing family adventure with new friends and fellow Adventurers at this farewell dinner in a private room at the Grand Hotel Oslo. Plus, you'll enjoy a true cultural experience with authentic folk dancers and musicians who share their nation's rich history.
Accommodations: Grand Hotel Oslo
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Itinerary: Day 8
Norway Vacation & Guided Tour | Adventures By Disney - Itinerary: Day 8
Now it's time to say "farvel" to your new-found friends, and relax as we handle your luggage and arrange transportation to the airport.
Accommodations: Grand Hotel Oslo
|Meal(s) included: Breakfast
UP Down
Begin your adventure in the storybook town of Bergen
Experience all the beauty and majesty our tour of Norway has to offer as you explore the quaint villages and majestic landscapes that make up this scenic country that served as the inspiration for the animated comedic-adventure, Disney's Frozen. You and your family will follow in the filmmakers' footsteps as you hike, raft and traverse the awe-inspiring terrain.

Norway Family Vacation Highlights

  • Begin your adventure with a visit to this storybook village which served as the inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle, home to Anna and her sister Elsa—in Disney's epic animated-adventure, Frozen.
  • Discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this dramatic Scandinavian region as you meet local storytellers, fisherman and farmers along the way.
  • Feel the exhilaration as your family floats along the waters of one of Norway's breathtaking rivers as it carries you through the gorgeous Norwegian landscapes of natural beauty and wonder.
  • Take part in the rich history of one of the region's most beloved pastimes—folk dancing—where you'll feel like a local from Arendelle as you whirl around like Anna in Frozen.
  • Step into the glacial blue waters of Lake Loen for a net fishing experience to catch some of the native trout in this unique activity that will have you feeling like a true local.
  • Get a close-up look at these wooden masterpieces that remain an important part of Norway's heritage as well as serving as the inspiration for much of the film's architecture.
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Flight Information

  • Arrive: BGO (Bergen)
  • Return: OSL (Oslo)


  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 6 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners


  • Minimum Age: 5
  • Suggested Age: 6+
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